Types of Wine and the Best Glass to Use When Drinking Them

Types of Wine and the Best Glass to Use When Drinking Them

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Are you a wine lover? Drinking it is a lot better if you use the right kind of glass. Let us take a closer look at the most common wines and the kind of glass that you should buy to make your drinking experience even better.

Red wine

This wine comes from fermented grapes with the skin included in the process. This is why the wine turns red. It is flavourful and it goes well when you eat different dishes like red meat, pasta, and vegetables. It should be served at room temperature.

Red wines are best served using large wine glasses. The bowl must be fuller and rounder. The opening should also be larger than other wine glasses. This allows you to dip your nose and smell the red wine before drinking, making it even better. Try the Bordeaux glass which is usually taller than other wine glasses. It goes well with heavier red wines. You can check out an example of this wine glass at Crystal Decor.

White wine

This is obtained from either black or white grapes and is usually fermented without the skin. During the process, the grapes are combined with other flavours like citrus, to give it a kick. It is best served cold. It also goes well with lighter dishes like fish.

The perfect white wine glass has a U-shaped bowl. This allows the aroma to be gradually released but still preserves the cold temperature. Younger wines go well with glasses that have a larger opening while more mature white wines are better served using straighter and taller wine glasses to ensure that the tongue savours the stronger flavours.

Sparkling wine

This is the type of wine you drink when you are feeling a bit luxurious. It fizzles or bubbles when served. It is a byproduct of fermentation. For this kind of wine, you need a glass that is taller and narrower. This helps retain the carbonation and also captures the best flavours of the wine.

Rose wine

This wine is usually pink. It is because the grape skin is included in the fermentation for just a few hours before it is removed. It can also be obtained when mixing red and white wines, diluting the red tint.

There are two types of wine glasses that are best for rose wines. The first one is a stemmed glass with a short bowl and flared lip. Another option is the kind of glass you use for white wines as they are almost similar in properties. The flared lip aspect is essential because rose wines are younger and less sweet. This type of glass allows the wine to run straight to the tip of the tongue, which is the most sensitive to sweetness.

Choosing the right wine glass is extremely important if you want to have a better wine tasting experience.

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