The Essentials of Being a Bartender

The Essentials of Being a Bartender

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Being a bartender is not an easy feat. It is a job that many people want, but not a lot have the skills to be effective in it. That being said, the rest of this post will briefly tackle some of the most important things in being a bartender. Read and be enlightened on what it takes to be fit to work in some of the best bars in the country, such as the Regent Cocktail Club.

Sharp Memory 

Especially in bars with live music, a lot seems to be going on at a time. When the bar is full, it is easy to overhear conversations without intending to eavesdrop. When it is packed and you have a lot of orders waiting to be served, your memory will be put to the test. With this, a sharp memory is important to remember the orders and the cocktail recipes. You also need it to recognize the regulars and build an emotional connection.

Outgoing Personality

You need to be friendly if you want to become a bartender. This is not the job for people who have a timid personality. You need to pack a big smile and always greet people with enthusiasm. When you are filled with energy, your customers will surely be happier. Even when you are doing a lot, you need to be outgoing. Be ready for small talks and always respond to chit-chats.


It is not enough that you can make a great cocktail. One thing that will make you fit for the job is if you can make the same cocktail consistently hundreds of times. This means that the flavor should remain the same. Especially the regulars, once they find their drink of choice, they will easily recognize it and they will be frustrated if the drink tastes different every time that they order it.


A good bartender is someone who is judgment-free. He or she will not judge questions, looks, and actions, among other things. This is the reason why people feel comfortable talking to them, even if they are busy. As a bartender, you need to learn to ask the right questions. You should never judge others and keep in mind that there is always a story behind each of us.


Handling cash is one of the most challenging when it comes to being a bartender. You need to think and compute quickly. You need to know the prices of all the drinks. Also, proper communication is necessary when handling cash to prevent being short.


You need to learn how to stay when you are bartending especially during a busy night. You should master the art of working under pressure. Never give in to the stress. You might see customers shouting and going mad because their drink is taking too long to be served. Even when there is already chaos, you have to be calm.

If you have always dreamed of being a bartender, keep in mind the things mentioned above to be one step closer to the job that you have always wanted.

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