The Changing Concept of Food Delivery

The Changing Concept of Food Delivery

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For customers, convenience has always been at the top of their priority list, especially when it comes to food. The meal delivery industry has actually enchased this opportunity. The meal delivery service (MDS) is a type of service that delivers its customers’ fresh and healthy prepared meals right at their doorstep. These individually packaged pre-portioned meals help you to a great extent in following a healthy diet. The trend came up about 4 years ago and presently holds a market share of $400. This figure is projected to grow ten times within the next 5 years. In the US itself, more than 100 such MDS exists.

The current market shape

If you see worldwide the food delivery market accounts for €83 billion, i.e. 1% of the food market and 4% of the food sold through fast-food chains and restaurants. The MDS has already taken a matured shape in most of the countries forecasting an annual growth rate of 3.5% in the next 5 years.  With digital technology reshaping the overall market, nowadays consumers find it highly convenient to shop online through websites and apps even when it comes to ordering food items for breakfast or dinner. The transparency maintained basically adds to the popularity factor. Thus when we talk about New York, MEAL DELIVERY SERVICE NYC is really doing good business.

How it goes about

The MDS process is very simple and involves the following steps:

  • Choose the meals – Firstly, pick the program that meets your dietary & lifestyle needs and then speak with their representative to get a review about your program and when can you start with it.
  • Get it delivered–Once you place the order, your initial delivery date is decided and then 3 sets of balanced low calorie meals daily are delivered each week at your place in conveniently labeled containers.
  • Enjoy your meal –Set yourself free from all the hassle involved in shopping for groceries, cleaning the stuff and cooking. Just sit back and enjoy your delicious meals throughout the day. The best part is as you continue with this program watch your extra weight disappearing slowly.

Loaded with benefits

This modern system of MEAL DELIVERY SERVICE NYC is loaded with a number of benefits like:

  • Convenience – It is absolutely a heavenly feeling when you return home tired and have your meals ready just waiting to be tossed in the microwave.
  • Save on money – Getting access to the healthiest form of proteins can be really expensive. But the dedicated chefs of the MDS source the locally raised pastured proteins and offer them to you at a reasonable price.
  • Healthy eating –Most of the food items of the takeout contains bad fats, high sodium and are usually cooked in refined hydrogenated seed oils. The fact is such food is not at all good for our health.
  • Portion Control – The MDS meals are prepared as per the standard portion sizing of veggies and protein and are labeled as different programs. Depending on your requirement you can pick the meal that fits your need.
  • Time saving–Getting to buy readymade healthy meals helps save on a lot of time.

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