Pralines are Delicious Treats and Awesome Food Gifts

Pralines are Delicious Treats and Awesome Food Gifts

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Pralines are made popular by the people from the American South. They are made with pecans and brown sugar and boast a distinctive texture. Formed into small patties, this classic candy is compared to nutty fudge. Aside from pecans, other nuts can also be used for making pralines. The collection of recipes for this candy has something for all kinds of preferences: New Orleans- style favorites and classic recipes as well as variations such as chocolate and orange pralines. New Orleans chefs were mainly famous for using almonds instead of pecans in their candy recipes.

Making Pralines

Recipes for this treat tend to differ; however, the basic technique is combining a liquid and sugar in a pot and boiling it to a certain temperature. When the liquid starts boiling, other ingredients such as flavorings and nuts are added. The mixture should then be beaten until it sets up. Once the desired thickness is achieved, the candy will be formed into patties and allowed to set up.

Achieving Perfection

Getting the right texture for the pralines tends to be the toughest part of making them.  When making these delicious treats, the environment must be taken into account. Thus, it is not ideal to make the candy on a very humid, rainy or stormy day since excessive air moisture can negatively affect the texture.

How long the candy is beaten also determines the resulting texture. Beating them too little will result in a runny and soft candy. And too much beating leads to the candy becoming grainy and crystallized. That is why it must be beaten just right. Although perfecting the texture requires practice, there is no way to save a candy hitting the stage of crystallization. As the candy starts to set up in the pan after beating them, a teaspoon of very hot water should be added to the pan. Stirring the mix can help in loosening the candy and still make it possible to form the patties.

Pralines as Gifts

Food gifts are often appreciated. And pralines are a good option. Because they are candy, there is no worry about the food loosening its original taste or spoiling while in transit or a few hours before the recipients can get them. These quality treats are delectable and mouth-watering. And if you want to give candies that are nutty but smooth, crumbly but creamy and just melt in the mouth, get it from professional makers.

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