How to Prepare Healthy But Delicious Meals

How to Prepare Healthy But Delicious Meals

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As much as I love eating in the best restaurants Nomad, there are times I wish I could stay away from them. They serve delicious meals, and more often than not, I forget that I have repeatedly committed to living a healthier lifestyle. It is hard to resist the temptation to eat at these places! To achieve balance, when at home, I make delicious meals that do not constitute a cheat day. Read on and I will share with you some of the ways to prepare a mouthwatering meal that is also good for the health.

Keep It Simple

I hacked my favorite spaghetti from Scarpetta, an Italian restaurant in New York. From their menu, it says that they use only three main ingredients- pasta, tomato, and basil. Use fresh or sun-dried tomatoes, instead of those in cans. Load it up with lots of basil for flavoring so that you do not have to use salt. It contains basic ingredients, but the flavor is definitely awesome.

Cut Down on Salt 

While salt can indeed add flavor to your food, it is a major culprit for a number of health problems, which include heart disease and high blood pressure. You need to watch your sodium intake. There are good salt substitutes that you might want to consider, which include herbs, spices, garlic, onion, lemon juice, vinegar, and chilis.

Ditch the Cream

Cream-based dishes, especially pasta, may be rich and hearty, but they are not good for the health. With this, you might want to consider letting go of the cream and using healthy alternatives instead. One thing that I suggest is to use low-fat milk with flour as a thickening agent. Whisk the two ingredients in medium heat until the desired consistency is achieved.

Skip the Pan

The crunch and texture of fried foods make them delicious. However, because they are deep-fried to achieve that distinct crisp, they are unhealthy. I recommend that you stay away from frying your food. Instead, use the oven. An air fryer will also do the trick. You can achieve the same crispy exterior without too much unhealthy oil.

Load Up on Greens

Perhaps, the best way to eat a healthy meal is to load up on your veggies. Make it a point to have a well-balanced meal, which should always include a serving of vegetables. You can eat your veggies in the form of salad but watch out for the dressing. You can also mix it in your mains to add texture and to make it healthier.

Eat Healthy Fats

Not all fats are bad. Some of the best sources of good fat include whole eggs, avocado, cheese, dark chocolate, salmon, and nuts. When cooking, use oil with the right type of fat, such as extra virgin olive oil or canola oil.

By living a healthy life, this does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of everything delicious. As shown above, you can still enjoy yummy food without the need to compromise your well-being.

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