How to Check If the Fish You Are Buying Are Fresh or Not

How to Check If the Fish You Are Buying Are Fresh or Not

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Seafood is a household dish throughout the United Kingdom. In fact, many people reckon that fish and chips is the national dish of Great Britain, and for good reason. It’s easily available at almost every restaurant or roadside deli and many chefs have put their own spins on it. The fact that it’s so simple to make, yet so delicious, makes it all the better. If you are thinking of any dish that involves fish, the most important thing that you need to do is to make sure that you buy fresh fish for it.

Despite the fact that there advanced technologies for storing food nowadays, the taste of fresh fish is something that you just can’t replicate. When you go to your local seafood store, you are going to see different kinds of fish laid out neatly atop a cooling tray brimming with ice. You have to make sure that you pick out fish that is fresh and ready to cook. Here’s how you can spot which fish to buy at a local store.

Always Go to a Reputable Fishmonger

The first one might be a given but it’s still important enough to point out; you have to make sure that you buy all of your seafood from a reputable fishmonger. Smaller shops generally tend to store their fish overnight due to a lack of sales and touch them up lightly before putting them up for sale. You won’t have to face this problem if you are buying the fish from a reputable fishmonger. Due to the increase in sales and the reputation that they have to maintain, reputable fishmongers such as Sandys Fish always make sure that they have fresh fish available at their stores.

How to Spot Fresh Fish

It’s always good to ask the seller about the freshest catch of the day. Suppliers generally tend to continue receiving fish throughout the course of the day so you should ask about their last arrivals before you head to the cooling trays. You might be surprised to know that the fishmonger will be more than willing to help you out. Now, here are some important things that you should check before purchasing fish from any store:

  • Always look for fish that has firm, shiny flesh. When you touch the flesh, you should feel it bouncing back towards you.
  • You should also smell the fish before buying it; fresh fish generally smells similar to a whiff of ocean breeze, unlike the “fishy” smell that most people are used to.
  • The eyes of a fish can tell you a lot about it. If they are cloudy, you can rule that piece out. Fresh fish have clear eyes with a slight bulge to them so make sure that you inspect them closely.
  • You should also check the gills on the fish before making a decision. The gills will ideally be reddish-pink in colour and wet if the fish is fresh.

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