Brewing Espresso? Check The Top Facts That Matter!

Brewing Espresso? Check The Top Facts That Matter!

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Coffee lovers around the world share the common love and passion for the espresso. Contrary to what many people may believe, an espresso is not a grind. It is a concentrated shot of coffee that’s obtained by pushing water though finely ground coffee beans. Brewing a perfect cup of espresso requires time, right tools/machine and effort. You know that your espresso is perfect when you see the foamy brown layer on the top, which is otherwise better known as crema. The crema is what makes a cup of espresso worth brewing. It’s strong on flavor, and you will feel the taste right in the first sip. In this post, we will talk about the things that affect and influence the taste of your espresso, along with tips on making espresso at home.

Factors that matter

  1. The flavor of any coffee-based drink is determined by quality of the coffee beans used. In case of an espresso, you need the best beans grind as finely as possible. The finer the grind, the longer it will take to push the water through the beans, and hence, stronger will be the taste and flavor.
  2. The dose of the finely grind coffee beans also matters for brewing espresso, but apart from other factors, it also largely depends on the machine’s portafilter. Usually, anywhere between 17 and 20 grams is good enough.
  3. The machine, once started, needs to be hot enough before you can make your espresso. Wait for the time as suggested on the machine’s manual. For most machines, the temperature should be around 90 degrees.
  4. The foremost element for making espresso is the pressure. With steam machines, you can only get around 3-bar pressure, which is not enough for extracting the flavors of espresso. If you are buying a machine for espresso, make sure that it has at least 9-bar pressure.
  5. Finally, you also need to make sure that the portafilters and other aspects are clean enough, every time before you make the next shot.

Buying a pump espresso machine

For the most authentic cup of espresso, you need a pump espresso machine, which is also used in most cafés and coffee shops. There are many options in pump espresso machines, but before you buy one, you need to check the pressure and other aspects. A pump espresso machine is ideal for espresso lovers because it allows more soluble liquids to get inside the cup. It also minimizes the overall time required for brewing. With pump espresso machines, you can get the crema, which is not the case with steam machines and moka pots. The crema is top layer of the coffee, which appears to be foamy and contains the best flavors. There are also online portals that offer guides for selecting between pump espresso machines, and you can also find tips on brewing espresso.

It may take a while before you get the perfect crema on your espresso, but as it is with cooking, practice only makes things better. Check online to find deals on pump espresso machines.

Author Bio – Lindsay Morales has been working as a barista for more than 4 years. She started to write about coffee last year, promoting espresso and coffee making as a hobby. Her objective is to help people make great coffee at home.

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