A Brief Explanation About Pralines And How To Prepare Them

A Brief Explanation About Pralines And How To Prepare Them

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You will find many dishes that are mentioned in the list of classic candies that are famous in American South. Praline is one such name that you will find in the top listed position in the list, as people love this sweetener more than anything to munch, when they are free.

Pralines are actually prepared using pecans and brown sugar and they are best known for distinctive texture. When you eat them, you will feel the slightly crumbling nature of the candy along with the crunchy texture because of the nuts. However, you will feel them melting in your mouth every time you eat one.

Preparing Praline

You can find many recipes that describe the best way of preparing praline.

  • The basic idea in the recipe is to mix sugar with milk or cream and bring the mixture to boil at certain temperature.
  • As the mixture boils, you can start adding the flavorings and nuts as required for preparing praline.
  • Beat the mixture till you feel that it is set or starts thickening.
  • Now this mixture is poured into the already greased tray in the shape of candies. You should allow the mixture to stand and also to get set according to the shape of different candies.

Maintenance of temperature at specific degree is the basic principle that you should follow while preparing praline candies. Hence, it is strictly suggested to own a cooking thermometer before starting with the preparation of praline.

Troubleshooting Praline Recipe Mistakes

While preparing praline candies, the home cooks usually find it difficult to bring the basic mixture to a perfect texture. Always remember that the hot climatic condition is an ideal time for preparing praline for your kids, and if you are planning to prepare some candies, never do so during stormy or rainy seasons.

The time duration at which you follow the beating process of the mixture, when it comes to boil also contributes a lot in deciding the formation of patties of praline candies. If you think that excess beating is not necessary, then you will end up with a runny mixture, which will surely spoil the perfect texture of candies.

No one can achieve success in the first attempt while preparing praline candies. Hence, if you fail the first time, then try again and again till you bring out the right texture of the mixture for preparing praline.

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